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NorrPress has been involved in the publication of a number of books

The following three books have been written by Antonios Tsagaratos
a respected Greek aviation journalist and photographer

Text is in both Greek and English, fully illustrated with high quality colour photos

Aegean Hawks

A 176 page hard back book detailing the  introduction and upgrade of the Sikorsky S70B-6   Aegean Hawk into Hellenic Naval service.

Fully illustrated with over 150 colour photos and detailed images of the equipment used by the Hellenic Navy.

The book also covers the development and variants of   the H-60.

Apache Warriors

Greece were the first European customer and the first NATO country, outside of the USA, to operate the AH-64A Apache.

This 144 page book captures the reality of operating the AH-64A with personal accounts from pilots, instructors and engineers of the
Hellenic Army Aviation.

Illustrated with over 100 colour photos including many air to air images.

Hellenic Air Force

A very rare insight into the aircraft operated by the Hellenic Air Force from the Rockwell T2C/E Buckeye to the F-16C/D Fighting Falcon.

In hard back format, 176 pages and over 150 colour photos, including some stunning air to air photographs.

Many of the photos were taken during the 2004 Olympic Games when the Hellenic Air Force undertook it's biggest air operation in it's history.


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